List of Manuscripts I have published at this time

My Home Town
Sam Carlisle is lost as he is released from prison. The only thing he has planned
is to get to his sisters house for the reading of his grandmothers will. After that
he doesn't know where he will go. Shockingly his grandmother leaves him her 
house, car and money in her will and gives him the new start he needs. Will Sam
be able to start over in the small town his grandmother lived in? Go with Sam 
as he strives to start over in a town suddenly hit by a murderer. All fingers point 
to Sam but Sam is sure he is being set up. Will the help of his friends be enough 
to catch the real killer?
Snowbound in the Mountains
Suburban family takes well needed vacation in the Rockies with their small 
children. An unexpected snowstorm hits during the night and their little girl is 
sick. They must get home and forget the vacation for now. Can they survive and
avalanche and getting snowbound in the mountains? Go with this family as they 
conquer the raw cold and the elements on a journey they will never forget.

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